I love my horses, but this little tub-o-lard has stolen my heart!  I would be absolutely lost without Porkchop!

I was given Porkie in 2008 by a lady who ran the front office at the sheriff's department where I worked at that time (I was once a full time deputy... before I decided I wanted a 4 year degree!).  She had been breeding Pembroke Welsh Corgis for a long time and decided she no longer wanted to do it and had two 3 month old puppies she was trying to find homes, 1 male and 1 female.  One of the other deputies took the female and Porkchop was all that was left and there was NO WAY anyone else was going to get him but me.

3 years later, he goes EVERYWHERE with me... I have even been known to take him to my security job with me on occasion just because I feel guilty for leaving him at home (even though my husband spoils him almost as bad as I do).  He goes to horse shows, he's gone to class with me, he even lived in my dorm room with me the first year I went back to school (thank you Stephens College for having pet dorms!).  

He's great with other dogs, kids, horses, he's just been the perfect little dog, amazingly well behaved and trained (not really sure how that happened!)

I never was one of those people to fall into that stereotypical dog breed that you see at horse shows, you know what I'm talking about... Jack Russells, Corgis... but since I was given him I couldn't recommend a better breed of dog for someone to have.  He's the best thing that ever happened to me... aside from my husband of course ;-)

 P.S. The picture with the mirror was taken at Mid-America Harley-Davidson... He literally goes everywhere with me hahaha!