Monday, September 24, 2012

In case you were curious

I didn't forget about the blog I just haven't had a lot to blog about lately due to this:

That would be Buck's hoof in a diaper/duct tape boot because of an ABSCESS!!!  Last Friday morning when I went out to feed him he walked up to me so "head bobbing" lame he was basically on three legs.  I cleaned out his hooves (I thought maybe he pulled a shoe or something) and found a hole deep enough I could stick the end of the hoof pick into it.  Needless to say for the last week I've been doing this to his hoof every day.  

Now there's nothing coming out of the hole anymore and he seems completely sound again.  Tomorrow I think I'm gonna ride him and see how he does, hopefully he stays sound and I don't see the abscess come bursting out of his coronary band.  

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