I figure this is the one everyone is going to either love or hate.  I have a 3 year old, about 3' long female Ball Python named Angel.

I know... creepy right?  She's awesome though!  I never really thought they would be a good pet because like others I thought not only were they creepy but boring... I was wrong!  She's really kinda fun, she'll watch tv (ok she'll at least hang out with you while you watch tv), and she's very busy when you get her out of her tank always trying to check things out and explore where ever you take her.  She has a personality and she HATES going back in her tank after you've had her out, she'll try to climb back up your arm or get a hold on the side of her tank so you can't get her back in.

Don't get me wrong, I'm completely freaked out when I have to feed her.  She's FAST!  I have to feed her with a pair of needle nosed pliers because I'm afraid she's going to get a hold of my hand or something instead of the rat!  I can't watch her eat either because it creeps me out for some reason that her mouth can get about as big as a tennis ball...  I can't handle it.

She has a wonderful personality and is so easy going and calm.  I thought I was going to have to find her a new home after I moved and I was really sad, I never thought I would get attached to a snake... How weird!

That is my nephew, my mom took that picture of us over this past weekend.  Don't judge me as a bad aunt either, I had a hold of her head so she couldn't hurt him and he thought it was hilarious!  He kept saying "big snake!  Nice snake!" and wanted to pick her up and carry her around the house.  My mom has her now and my nephew is over there all the time, she didn't want him to be scared of her.  Guess if she had to find a new home at some point she could go into a snake education program haha!