Monday, May 28, 2012


HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!  I would just like to say thank you to all the men and women who have served in our armed forces and remind everyone to think a soldier... Today is not just about BBQs and partying!

Kinda disappointed myself today.  I have a tendency to be a slacker when it comes to getting show/clinic entries sent in early, typically I wait until the last day I can send them off... bad habit.  It finally caught up with me today when I emailed about the Greg Best clinic which is coming to my area in a couple of weeks and found out it was full already :-(  Sad day, him and Gem Twist were one of my favorite pairs when I was growing up, I even have the Gem Twist Bryer horse still somewhere!!

Lesson learned, today I filled out all the entry blanks for shows and clinics I wanted to go to in the near future so I would make sure and have them done and ready to go.

On another note, we're finally getting some rain in the area.  I don't think it's rained here for almost a month now!  This beautiful view of the clouds as I went home from work tonight just gave me this feeling of how thankful I really am for the freedoms we all take for granted every day which are defended by those who serve in our military...



Monday, May 21, 2012

Recreational Riding

Some times I forget how much fun it can be just to get on your horse and go ride with no real intention of accomplishing something.  We've recently moved, bought a new house, etc., and I have not really had a lot of time to ride Buck since we moved just because I have been so busy (moving, graduating college, work, etc.).  Today I decided it would be a good idea to go out and just ride around a bit to check things out.  I haven't found a place to actually school him but it was fun to just go on a mini trail ride.  He was a little confused I think with the lack of structure and was distracted by all the new things.

The property has 18.5 acres, most of which is wooded, but there is a field up on the back of the property, which is where I took Buck today.  It kind of blew my mind for a minute to think I actually owned this property (first home purchase!!).  It has great grass, great views, and it is so peaceful and secluded.
There are woods on the side towards the house and along another side, 2 pastures on the other sides, one with cows (Buck was amazed by them by the way... definitely not going to be introducing him to the life of a working cow horse ANY time soon!), and the other had the neighbors 3 horses which Buck liked because they kind of keep him company on the other side of the fence.

We did have a bit of an interesting ride though, pretty scenery aside.  Buck has not been rode in a couple of weeks and he was definitely "feeling his oats".  First there was the failed attempts at rearing and bucking while we were riding (I'm just lucky he hasn't realized he IS capable of bucking while I'm riding), then there were the random unintentional side passes and awkward crooked circles, and it all culminated into him wanting to run back to the barn as fast as he could.  I decided I would get off and walk him down to the barn, but when I got of he jumped backwards away from me, fell down in the process, jumped back up and ran himself back down to the barn.  Interesting is a nice way of putting it I guess.  No injuries to horse or rider... except maybe for both ending up with bruised egos.  Note to self... Buck is no longer allowed to have more than a couple of days off at any time!  Time off = wild mustang!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'll Have Another... Triple Crown Please!!

Can I just say how EXCITED I am about horse racing right now!!!  Not usually a race horse groupie but today I think I've become one... not to mention I'm a sucker for big beautiful chestnuts **cough cough Buck cough cough**

This gorgeous colt was a surprise from the beginning for race fans, with a purchase price of only $35,000 the colt didn't really catch fans attention (Kentucky Derby odds made him the  15-1 long shot) but his new owner thought the colt had amazing potential.  Great judge of horses in my book!!!  After his win today in the Preakness, the colt has a lifetime earning now of $2.6 million dollars, which means he's paid for himself almost 75 times now (not including of course feeding, training, vetting, etc)!!!

So, it has been 34 years now since the last Triple Crown Winner (Affirmed in 1978) and Big Brown was the last one to come as close as I'll Have Another.  This colt ran a spectacular race at the Preakness coming back from about 3.5 lengths off the pace in 4th to over taking Bodemeister in an awesome photo finish (pictured above)!  It was epic, almost as much fun as watching the old Secretariat races (I say almost because let's face it, those are by far the BEST races ever run in the Triple Crown).

I don't know about you guys but I think I'm gonna put my money on this gorgeous colt for the Belmont.  I'm really hoping to see a Triple Crown win in my lifetime!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

From Herd Bound to Herd... Less?

After some consideration and flip-flopping back and forth, I decided the only way I'm going to get anything done with Buck is to keep him by himself.  So, I put Sweetie up for sale, expecting to get poor responses.  She's 22 and I didn't really think I would actually get her sold, but surprisingly enough, a family contacted me and basically bought her the day they came and looked at her.  

Now Buck is the only horse I own and I'm feeling kinda guilty for a couple of reasons.  First, because I always feel bad about making a horse live by themselves, but Buck can't seem to keep himself together when there is another horse in the pasture.  Secondly, my mom and I have had Sweetie for over 10 years now.  I've run local barrel shows with her, National Barrel Horse Association shows (including the State and World show), I've run the intercollegiate rodeo circuit and the state rodeo circuit with her.  So now I'm feeling really bad about finding her a new home, even though the people are really nice and their 13-year-old daughter is pretty much in love with her.

Guilt aside though, I think I've solved the majority of my problem with Buck by finding Sweetie a new home.  We recently moved into a new house so the day the new family came to pick up Sweetie we moved Buck at the same time to distract him from his missing pasture mate.  It worked!  When I got him to the new house he hoped out of the trailer, walked beside me like a perfect gentleman, and acted like a complete puppy dog the entire time!  He was the horse I remembered loving when I saw him at the track, completely calm and care free.  Hopefully this new found... um.... old Buck is here to stay, it's been four days so far haha!