Buck's Buddy

Buck is definitely not my only pet, and he sure isn't my only horse.  I also have a 9-year-old APHA mare named Dolly, or A Treasured Glassdoll, as she's known to the American Paint Horse Association.

Like I said, she's 9-years-old and out of an APHA stallion named Charokee Treasured.  Now, I'm not really sure that anyone who barrel races actually reads this blog (probably not considering the topic of choice) but Cherokee is an APHA World Champion barrel racing sire.  Most all of his progeny go on to run very well in the barrel racing world whether it be in the National Barrel Racing Association or the rodeo circuits.

That was my original plan with Dolly, but when I had the opportunity to take Buck out to Pennsylvania last summer and train with Lorinda Lende Dolly kind of got put on the back burner and was free leased to a family with two younger girls who were suppose to ride her... that was last April.  

I just got her back a week ago so it's been almost a year and a half.  During her lease she bucked off one of the girls in the fall so unfortunately for me she hasn't been rode since then.  I'm a little nervous about getting on her since now that I'm going on 30 (I know not that old, but still!) I don't bounce as well as I use to.  I've long lined her a few times since she's been back with me and she's perfect on the line, takes all the gaits in both directions no questions asked.  I'm still skeptical since I know how sneaky she can be.  

So here we stand, she is now Bucks pasture mate again and he loves it!  I think he was getting depressed living out there all by himself with only the cows in the pasture next to him to socialize with.  Hopefully, I will have a chance to, if nothing else, get her rideable again.  Not sure where my interest in barrel racing stands anymore... It is a good way to blow off some steam though...