Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Promise I Have Not Died...

Just in case, in a few days if you start to get worried about me, have no fear it is only finals week and I promise you I have not gone M.I.A or died.  The simple fact is, I have 5 finals this week over 4 days so come Thursday evening you will probably find a post on here with a GIANT sigh of relief (given that I actually PASS all 5 finals).

So no worries all, I will be back I promise, just have a little patience with me this week, even Porkchop is getting annoyed with my lack of attention on him and I believe in his mind (and really mine as well) way too much attention on the textbooks and laptop.

Hopefully, after this $@L* week is over I can go back to finishing Christmas shopping, riding my horse and having a normal (lazy) life style, at least until next semester.  Good news is, after this week I have ONE semester left in my undergraduate career FINALLY!!!

Doesn't Porkchop look like he feels completely neglected right now?  I think I saw him putting an adopt me ad on Craigslist earlier this evening....

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