Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Herd Bound

Today the "twins" (where you see one you see the other) went to have their feet done.  I haven't been putting shoes on them since I haven't really been riding much lately (i.e not at all) and Sweetie's feet were a hot mess.

They had an appointment at 8 o'clock this morning so I was smart and planned ahead, hooking up the truck and trailer the night before, then I realized I had forgotten to clean the trailer out after the clinic (whoops) it was dark so the cleaning would have to wait until the morning.  Today I was up at 6, fed the elephants disguised as horses (Buck eats as much as an elephant anyway) and backed the trailer down the lane along side the pasture to clean it out.  It's easier just to back it up and throw the manure over the fence out in the pasture than lugging around a wheel barrow.

At the sight of the trailer you would have thought someone had electrocuted the horses.  They left their breakfasts to go run around the pasture like a couple of wild mustangs who were seeing people for the fist time... it was ridiculous.  I was glad at that moment I got up extra early, planning ahead for silly horse behaviors.  I finished cleaning out the trailer then pulled back up and prepared it for the loading of crazy horses.

I let them act like their world was coming to an end and went inside to eat my own breakfast.  They were back up eating as if nothing had happened by the time I was done and I clipped a lead rope on Sweetie before she realized what was going on which made Buck even easier to catch since he will do anything she does (monkey see...).

Walking two horses alone is always a feet of acrobatic excellence if you ask me, especially when you have one trotting and tossing their head (Sweetie) and the other one you're practically dragging because he's lazy (Buck).  Tied Buck to the trailer, loaded Sweetie first which caused panic for a hot minute before Buck realized he was going to.  I have to say, he loaded the best I have ever had him load up with her in the trailer already.  Sweetie on the other hand, always loads well but when I put him in the trailer she struck out with one of her front legs and started doing the "mare in heat" bull (She's 22 years old!!).  I guess if I could just take them every where I needed to go with Buck together, all would be perfect in the world...

The trip to the farrier and back took maybe 45 minutes, I really wish I had found a farrier who makes house calls but he's really great and doesn't cost much ($36 to have both horses trimmed).  We played the same game as previous with getting in and back out of the trailer once we got home and then when I turned them lose in the pasture Sweetie wanted to run around and act all silly... Buck decided finishing his previously forgotten breakfast was a much better idea (I think there might be a brain in that head of his yet!).

Just silly horse moments I'm sure we have all had in common at some point in time lol!

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